EnterpriseICG uses multiple strategies tailored to the size, scope, in-house talent and complexity of the implementation, developed and refined through the experience of over 75 projects.

  • Tight scope control
  • Document Order-to-Cash and other processes impacted by the implementation – the Post Go-Live view – ‘To-Be’
  • Document understanding of how the Plant operates today – the ‘As-Is’
  • Comparison of the ‘As-Is’ to the ‘To-Be’, identify gaps and close them
    • Training
    • Leveraging the best in your business
    • Experts on-site
Thorough Site Assessments
Operations Processes
Complete Process Documentation
All Operations Processes
  • Educate the onsite implementation team of the gap during the implementation (training, data preparation, etc.) and build it into each training module. Train effectively.
  • Actively assist in scheduling the plant (both legacy and in Test environments before Go-Live).
  • Assist Plant Management and Production Control in understanding how to manage the plant in the To-be environment during Go-Live.
  • Actively schedule the plant in the new environment for the week after Go-Live, cognizant of the need to transfer full responsibility to the plant as quickly as possible.
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