A manufacturing company operates as a set of inter-related business processes. We view a company as a collaboration on cross-functional processes, rather than by functional areas on the organization chart.Transactions within the cross-functional processes are captured in transactions in the ERP environment. Beyond the Company, other businesses within the Value Chain – upstream and downstream – also shape your company’s process and IT toolset.

Why is this important?

Rarely does a single department control all the activities in a process, and supplier involvement adds further complexity. This leads to the inefficient transfer of information, mis-aligned roles and responsibilities, and an IT toolset that inhibits, rather than enhances, the creation of value in the firm.

You need a clear depiction of the environment (processes, people, customers, suppliers, performance measures, roles, toolsets) to support a path for improvement.

Our Value Chain Improvement workshops engage your workforce to recognize improvement opportunities, building a realistic plan that has full employee ownership.

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